Saturday, February 28, 2015

Project 365 // Days 53 - 59

53. A friend showed my how to make glumz vernekei at the beginning of this week. Think cottage cheese perogies that has raspberry jam and white sauce "gravy" drizzled over top. YUM. 
54. Bug had the most delicious snack the other day. Raspberries, carrots, corn, peas, some blueberry puffs and, what you don't see in the picture, (because she ate it all) some cheese. 
55. Pretty new lights for our living room. 
56. I have finished knitting the Bella mittens! They have been my first major project this year and I have been way too slow - like embarrassing slow - crafting them up. 
57. I love seeing the pinwheels reflection in the puddle. Is winter over? I really want to know. 
58. Bug was wearing her beautiful little dress from Lil Bloomers when she grabbed her adorable pink ukulele. There is so much pink in this picture and I love it. 
59. I have been spring cleaning and organizing like mad this weekend. We have plans to visit IKEA this coming week and it is my hope to get some more room tours up on the blog. Hooray. 

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