Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Project 365 // Days 1 - 31

I decided in January that I needed to start another photography project. I am already doing the Self Portrait project every week, however, the idea of taking up my camera daily seemed to exciting to let this project pass by. The goal here is to take a picture every single day of the year. It can be of anything; special moments, food, what you are doing, what you see. The point is to remember the small moments in your every day life. 

The photographs I have here are all of the ones that I have taken in January. I was originally planning on only documenting these photographs every month, however, upon editing, it turns out that there are way too many. I almost want to start sharing them on the blog weekly so that it is a much more manageable size. Not to mention, it is so hard to highlight and tell the story behind each of the pictures.
- Bug loves taking apart puzzle.
- A beautiful crochet monkey.
- My first ever pedicure! A great way to start the year.
- Play games with friends
- Making a handprint ornament.
- Taking down Christmas.
- Bible study got cancelled so we had a games night instead.
- Bug loves roasting her pony in the oven.
- Frozen Toddler bites.
- Playing donkey kong on the wii.
- Drinking coffee and smelling coffee scentsy.
- Just about to head out to go for a sled ride.
- Red.
- Beautiful morning sunlight.
- A picture from our snowshoe trip.
- Dried flowers in Bug's room.
- Storytime.
- Pushing her baby around the house.
- Look at all of her hair!
- Bug decided that this was a better place to put her couch.
- Cleaning out my closet leads to lots of empty hangers.
- Harry Potter and Jellybeans.
- A beautiful cable pattern. Check it out!
- Beautiful washi tape.
- Look how fancy Bug is today!
- French pressed coffee at my parent's home.
- A beautiful sunset.
- A picture of my daddy and I, probably at the age of 5...
- A beautiful ring my brother made.
- Pizza!! homemade!
- Bug played with a marker.

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my month. Do you guys like looking at a lot of photographs at once or would you rather I broke it up into four separate posts? xoxo

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  1. I like them all at once - fun overview. Thanks for sharing.