Monday, February 16, 2015

Lil Bloomers Boutique Review

I love dresses. I love little girls in dresses. I love Bug in dresses. As soon as I heard of Lil Bloomers Boutique on Facebook, I quickly liked the page so that I could continually drool over the beautiful dresses that they have in stock. Just recently, my mother decided to bless Bug by purchasing a few for her. I must say that I was thrilled and so excited to learn of this. I couldn't wait to get my hands on these beauties and I secretly wished that they would have these in my size. 

I am so impressed with every single one of these dresses. The quality is amazing and they are so soft. I usually shy away from most dresses because usually they seem so scratchy - and if I won't wear it, why would I put in on Bug, especially for a long period of time. These dresses are not scratchy at all, every bit of them is soft to the touch. I love them and I would continually buy from Lil Bloomers Boutique since this is the quality of products that they carry. Our Matilda, Josephine and Clementine is 2T, Cecilia will probably fit her for next Christmas (I cannot wait!) and the Audrey fits her now, perfectly. Bug loves wearing it to, and when she saw it laying on the couch, she walked over to it, put her fingers on it and stroked it saying "oo". It was the cutest thing ever and I know that these dresses, especially Audrey, are winners. Thank you to my mom who blessed our little Bug with lace and bows, and thank you to Lil Bloomers Boutique for these beautiful dresses. If you have a little girl, or know someone who does, I highly, highly recommend this boutique.
This is not a sponsored post, this is me just sharing my absolute love for this business. 
All opinions are 100% mine.

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