Sunday, February 22, 2015

DIY : Project DVD

This idea has been something that Hubby and I have been thinking about doing for a very long time. I don't know about you, but we love watching movies in our family and over the years our collection of DVDs have grown. We have musicals, adventure, comedy, chick-flicks and all sorts of Children films, and we are always looking to add to our collection. We have a lot of movies. 
The idea to put them all into a binder started when we traveled to the Middle East for a few months. We couldn't bring our entire movie collection with us, so we went through and we picked our favourites. Putting them into a little binder made it so easy to travel with and so convenient to go through to find the movie we were looking for. 
Deciding to make this transformation for the rest of our DVD's was not an easy one. We love our cases. We loved having them on display in alphabetical order, categorized, and colour coded. 
However, after a lot of humming and hawing we decided to "just do it" and here are a few reasons why. 
1. We live in a tiny apartment. We did not have a lot of room to display all of them. 
2. We usually need 3 - 4 boxes (depending on sizes) for them all when we move ... just seems like a waste of space for mere cases. 
3. We don't want tv watching to be our family's focus - so by putting them in a binder equals out of sight out of mind. 
4. They are way more organized than they have ever been. 
What You Need:
- a binder (size depending on your dvd collection)
- a paper cutter
- DVDs
Tip for organizing your movies: if you are movie buyers like we are, make sure you have room in between each letter of the alphabet (if you alphabetize, of course) so that when you buy another movie, you are not switching out a million DVD's and moving them to the end of the binder. 

I used a template from an extra movie so that I could make sure I was cutting all the pictures the same size. 
 Cut your squares out and place them in front of your DVD's in the binder. This step made getting rid of the cases easier. I feel that by adding a part of the front cover to the binders helped make it not so big of a transformation. Plus, some of the DVD's have no pictures on it, and as a friend put it (you know who you are) adding the pictures help finding the movie that we are seeking quicker. 
We have our adult movies in one binder and we have our Children films in another. I remember growing up that my parent's organized the movies so that we could only have access to the ones we were allowed to watch. I thought having separate binders would make it easy for me to show Bug which ones she can choose from. 
This is a very easy DIY but I find that since we have done this to our DVD's that there is so much more room to display other things that we love. There are still some DVD's special collectors items that we could not add to the binder as well as most of our boxed DVD sets. However, the majority of our collection has been added to the binders. The DVD's are organized and so easy to grab. I love this transformation even though at first the concept was difficult to imagine since we are "displayers." Since doing it, I have not looked back. I love that they are all together in one big binder as opposed to a several shelfs. It is amazing how much room DVD's take up, and now I have more room to display my books or other lovely things. Another bonus factor to this change - Bug really likes pulling out DVD cases and piling them on the floor - and this step helps eliminate that mess altogether. 
I hope you have enjoyed this little DVD DIY project - if you feel overwhelmed by your DVD collection - perhaps this is the perfect DIY for you. xoxo

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