Monday, January 19, 2015

Snowshoeing In The Fog

Last Wednesday was the very first time that my husband, Bug, and I went out to snowshoe. My husband and I are not fans of the majority of winter sports that are out there, but neither of us had tried snowshoeing so we knew we had to. Finally buying some winter clothes, we were able to dress appropriately and we tried it for the very first time. It was a foggy, grey day out which disappointed my husband a little. I was excited though, I knew that the fog would make the pictures I was going to take of this trip enchanting. I sorted through and picked my favourites. I hope you enjoy. 
It turns out, I love snowshoeing. It was a great time. Even Bug loved it, she stared wide-eyed at everything that we walked past. After our snow adventure, we hung out in the car, drank some hot chocolate and ate some snacks before the drive home. I really think winter is pretty and I am so happy that I finally found a reason (other than walking) to be out enjoying the snow.

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