Monday, January 05, 2015

Our New Years Eve

I know that this may be a little late to post about, but I wanted to document the events of my New Year's Eve shenanigans. I have to say that this year was special to me since we were able to celebrate with both friends and family. The afternoon was spent with friends and we painted miniatures and played a board game. This was what I captured. 
Painting board game miniatures was fun but definitely nerve wracking. Luckily, I got the job of putting gesso on miniatures to prime them. It would be kind of hard to screw up that job. ha. We ate tons of guacamole, chicken wings, and that Ginger Beer was amazing! Such a good start to our festivities.

The second portion of our night was spent with family. The tradition that they have is fondue! Fondue, fondue, and fondue some more! And it was so yummy. Cheese, meat, and chocolate filled our bellies that night. As well as a delicious Half Hour pudding ( I am hoping to get the recipe for it!) We pigged out, watched television and I tried to do a puzzle as we waited for 2015 to come. I was very happy, very full, and very blessed this day.

How did you celebrate New Years Eve? If you wrote a blog post about your celebration, please link it down below - I would love to read about it. I hope you all had a wonderful New Years and a wonderful first week! xoxo

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