Monday, January 12, 2015

Home Tour - the Living Room

The last couple of days there has been chaos in our home. Furniture has been moved, things have been piled: we have been spring winter cleaning around here. During Christmas takedown, we decided that our space needed a little sprucing up. Our bedroom is a disaster but our living room is FINALLY something that I am proud to talk about. I have been struggling to find a nice way to organize our living room. It is a smaller size and with that comes complications. I am not going to lie though, I really do enjoy moving furniture around to find what works for us - even if it takes six months to get the result that I love. 
The photo above is a before picture that I took during the holidays, just so that you can remember what our living room layout looked before we moved around the furniture. Down below are photos that I took this morning. 
One of the biggest changes that we have made is bringing the television back out into this room. I have mixed feelings about this. I really enjoyed not having the television be front and centre (in our faces), however, the idea of watching a movie with a friend while knitting, or even cozying up on date night makes me happy.

Another big change is that we are getting rid of our dvd cases. We have decided for simplicity and room saving sake that we are going to be putting all of the dvds (minus a few box sets) into a huge binder. I am really excited about this since we have a lot of movies and they take up SO much space.

I love the new layout of the couches. Especially during game night, we found that it worked well. Everyone fit around our table nicely, the babies could access the mommy's easily, and it didn't seem like we were stuck in the corner with no way out. There are still a lot of things to tweak: we need art on the walls and the guitar will be moving to the opposite wall. We need to fill the rest of the cubbies in the tv stand and I need to rearrange the underneath of the coffee table. Overall, this transformation has made me happy and has made the living room feel more cozy. I really think that making this place really homey during the winter, well not only help fight off the winter blues, but will make me feel more creative and more willing to do things that I love.  xo

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