Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Handprint Captured

This past Christmas season, we were gifted with a wonderful baby handprint ornament making kit that you create out of clay. I love these kind of gifts: the ones that help you cherish and remember moments. Since we are now talking about taking down all of our Christmas decorations, we thought that now would be a great time to make the ornament. 
Bug did not like the idea of sticking her hand in the clay, but she loved looking at her handprint afterwards. 
We used the start cutter again to make sure that the ornament stay the correct shape after Bug's hand squashed it a bit. 
Now we just need to let it dry and attach ribbons so that it can hang on our tree next year. We also talked about how fun it would be to have Bug pick out a colour that she would want to paint it. I think painting it would make the handprint pop out a lot more. I love that now, even as my baby gets older, I will have her tiny little hand as a remembrance of how small she once was.

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