Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ensemble : Sledding Fun

Today was the day we knew we were going to go outside to sled and enjoy the fresh air. It would be Bug's first time really spending time outside and so we bundled up in all of our gear and headed for the snow. 
Bug was indifferent the entire time we were outside. She chatted a little, and smiled a little, but the majority of the time she seemed as if she wasn't sure what was going on. She was so cute all cuddled up from head to tow. We will definitely be making this a regular to do during the week. We didn't stay out too long due to noses getting cold, but before we went home, I wanted to share a few pictures of my winter outfit. 
The last thing my husband and Bug did before we left was make snow angels. It is kind of an awkward angle but look how little her angel is (its the little smudge on the left) compared to my husband's. I have to be honest, she hated laying on the snow, so I quickly moved her arms to create the angel wings and then I picked her back up. I still think this photo is precious though, even if she hated it. Today was a great day, and I look forward to more adventures in the snow.


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