Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015 Resolutions

I love the beginning of the year when the majority of the world is talking about their New Year Resolutions. I really do enjoy getting sucked into it all. Its a new beginning, a fresh start to get going on the things that we have put to the side or have left on the back burner. It is a time when we can look inwards and reflect on ourselves and what we would like to change. I just want to encourage all of you to make positive and healthy goals for yourself this year. Let this year be a change for the better, where we can become free of past burdens, let go of the stress that binds us, and be happy, truly happy of the life we live today. We can change anytime, so lets make today, January 1, be the first stepping stone to a better, happier life.

In the past, I have made resolutions that were impossible to fulfill. Picking at all my flaws and comparing myself to others, I made a huge list of what I needed to fix for the year. Even though some of the goals were doable, I failed at them because I did not make a realistic plan that would help me succeeded. I just picked, and wished, and became frustrated, and set my bar way too high.

This year I am doing things differently. I am making a plan, I am making realistic goals, and I am going to set myself up to cross them off one by one as I accomplish them all. I am also listing items on my resolution list that will be on going forever. Change is hard and sometimes it comes in forms of attitude and growth. Resolutions do not need to be completed at the end of the year, but I really do believe that they should be ongoing. That we should always want to change ourselves for the better, no matter how short term or long term they are.
My 2015 Resolutions 

Let it Go

I can sometimes hold onto the ugly, emotional crap that happens in my life; whether it happened to somebody else or to myself it does not matter. I can hold it and let is fester inside of me, even if I don't outwardly let it show. To let it go, I want to honestly just let all the ugly balloons go and let them float towards the heavens. There are things that will be harder for me to let go, but that is when I will trust God to take them from me. No, I will give them to Him, because He can hold onto it all and deal with it all. I cannot. I am choosing to let go of past wrongs, of failed relationships, of failures, of mistakes. I am going to give them up so that I can move on and have a better today. We cannot change yesterday, but we can change today. 

Spread Love 

Since being a stay at home mom, I often forget about the outside world. I stay in my "family box" and forget to look at ways I can help others around me. This is a challenge for myself to remember to look outwards and to share the love whenever I can. 

Choose Happiness

I personally think that this is a choice I need to make when I wake up in the morning. I could take everything personally and always assume that when somebody says something to me, that they mean it in the most negative way possible. Or I could choose to be happy, choose to hear their words as they are rather than put unnecessary meaning into them, and consciously choose to find the joy in the world. 

Be Myself

Sometimes I don't say something that I should or stand up for myself and my family because I am worried that I will offend someone, or that they might have a different opinion than me. I don't like to step on toes but I am tired of just being quiet and having others fight "my battles" for me. I always regret not saying something in the moment and most of the time it wouldn't have mattered if I said something or not. I just want to be open, be honest, say what I think, and not worry about other people's opinions of me. 

Treat Myself Better

This is a big one. I am really good at putting others before me. Daughter. Husband. Every time. I am good at getting caught up in the day and realizing that I have forgotten to drink water or eat at all. I have completely wrecked my metabolism by doing this and I have been getting major headaches and other body issues. I have also gained a horrible self-esteem by all of this. 2013-2014 was a hard year for my body. Getting pregnant, having a baby, and then trying to fight off the unwanted weight, I found myself looking to the scale for happiness rather than in my family or life. The scale became the decider of if I was going to be happy that day or not. It became the way I measured my self worth. I have decided to put away the scale for now. It is supposed to be a tool to help guide my weight loss and until I can use it as such, it is gone. I need to focus on strengthening my body. How much I weigh shouldn't matter. This is my goal for 2015 when it comes to my body. To love myself as I am. To listen to my body when it tells me to 'drink more water,' 'stretch out my back,' 'go to sleep earlier.' To become strong instead of focusing on becoming thin. To give my daughter a better example of being healthy than I currently am. 

Indulge in Creativity

I need to find time for me. To pick up whatever creativity instrument is nearest and to indulge in what makes me happy. To paint, to knit, to go for walks and become immersed in nature. I need to do this more and to not get carried away in motherly things. I want to show my daughter how to craft and how to "see" the world in all its beauty. I want to get her started early so that as she grows, she can learn and find ways to express who she is. There is so much time that I waste watching tv or on youtube, when I can be finding ways to fill myself up again.

Be Brave

I am a follower. I like to be with people rather than be alone. There are times when opportunities come up that would allow me to do something that I love, but I turn it down because I would be in a position where I wouldn't know anyone. Meeting people doesn't bother me, just the idea of not doing something with someone else that I know does. Did that make sense? I would rather "force" my husband to come to a painting class than go by myself. I want to experience things with him or with friends, to have companions to my joys. I know that this is unrealistic and that my husband would rather not come painting with me. In the past I would just "let it go" and not think twice about declining. But in the end, I am missing out on a great opportunity to grow as an artist. I really don't know if trying to "be brave" is the best way to put this, of my needing to just go and find new friends or experience things by myself, or if it should be called, "finding the oomph." Either way, I need to do things that make me happy, even if it means I have to go by myself. Even if I don't make friends, I would have had the chance to paint something new. 

Seek Him

This is something that I have failed miserable at doing in 2014. Life became so busy and I became so tired that during it all, I forgot to look to God for peace, answers, guidance etc. I hate to admit this, but He was put on the back burner. I am hoping to change this and find the relationship with Him that I once had. To find Him in the every day and not just when I need Him the most. I want to fill my heart and soul with Him again and keep in the centre. I would appreciate your prayers in this matter. 


Thank you so much for reading my resolutions for the year 2015! I would love to hear your resolutions if you would like to share them with me. Feel free to leave a comment down below or a link if you wrote about your resolutions! That would be wonderful and I would love to check them out. Lets make today be the day that our lives change. For the better. xoxo Happy New Year, everyone.

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