Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Welcome: A Brand New Knotted Home

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Hello, my dears. Welcome to the new and improved Knotted Home! Yay! The day is finally here. This  whole process has been long in the making and I am so happy that the site is up and running the way I have always dreamed about. 

The Knotted Home is my happy thought, a corner in the blog world that I want to glow with encouragement, inspiration, creativity, and love. I am a new mom who has seemed to have misplaced my identity. I am struggling to remember that who I am as a mother is just as important as everything else that I was before. It is my hope that The Knotted Home will be the place that I can go to when I need that creativity spark or uplifting quote to fill my heart. With this as my goal, I hope that together, writer and reader combined, we can build a creativity community in which we can: stop and find time to make the art that makes us happy, find the joy in the busyness of the day, to find encouragement for the tough days, and where it will be a place where we can remember that we are truly loved. Please, feel free to grab yourself a cup of something delicious and stay a while.  

Profile: Updated. See it here

FAQ: This is a great place to get to know me a little better. Have a question for me? Feel free to email it and I will include it in the FAQ section

Categories Page: A brand new categories page will compile like posts together for easy accessing as well as popular posts. 

Make Bar: Photographs will be displaying the last few creations that have been crafted in the left sidebar.  


The Maker Series: Do you have a creative talent that you would like to show off to the world? Whether you have your own blog or not, own your own business or simply make crafts at home, I would love to include your craft, hobby, artistic journeys on the Maker Series where we can all “ooh” and “ahh” over your talents. I find that there are so many people around me who are so creative, but find that they are lacking motivation or encouragement. I want this series to be about community and us encouraging each other over our products.

Undertaking Creativity: A really good friend of mine gets together with a bunch of ladies from her community to be creative together and to make something, and I absolutely love this idea. Undertaking Creativity is just that, where we can all come together (in cyber form) and make something together. Each month or two, a project will be picked, whether chosen by myself or by my readers, and we will have the entire month to make it. At the end of the month, I will post all the pictures of everyone’s creation on a post and we can be encouraged by them all. There are no winners or losers here, just creative people doing creative things. 

The Happiness Project: “The days are long, but the years are short. Time is passing, and I’m not focusing on the things that really matter.” Gretchen Rubin is the author of the Happiness Project, a book that focuses on improving life as is, rather than making drastic changes looking for happiness. The book is divided up into chapters, and the first starts in January. I will be reading this book for the entire year of 2015, and focusing on how I can improve my life, by taking steps, to achieve the satisfaction of the now. I will write about what I know and what I have learned, and I would love for you all to join me in this journey of finding satisfaction in the now. 

Self Portrait: This is where I will be taking a photograph of myself every week for the year of 2015. 52 weeks of my face on the internet. Not only will this allow me to break out of my usual way of doing things (I really like being the “behind the camera” girl) but it will force me to be creative with my poses, learn how to use my camera, and it will be my 2015 story - how I have changed, style, appearance, etc.  

Sunday Silence: This is more of an add on than a feature. In 2015, I am choosing to not post or go online at all on a Sunday. Not only do I need a break to relax and recoup for the following week, but unplugging for one day will allow me to focus on my family. And if, for some reason, I need to post on a Sunday, I will choose to write the post on a different day and have my blog automatically publish it that day.

Facebook: The Knotted Home’s Facebook page is a place where I will constantly upload the new blog posts that have been created. If you like what you see here and want notifications, that is the place to be. I also ask questions and want your feedback about my blog on the Facebook page as well, not to mention, every once in a while I have giveaways that my blog and other internet accounts will not be a part of. 

Twitter: I have been trying to use Twitter as my way to mention the funny daily going-ons that are not worth putting in a blog post but that still bring a smile to my face. I want this to be a place to put my mom moments, life realizations, and maybe even a joke or two. 

Instagram: Instagram is the place that I will upload glimpses of my life and my joy moments. I love photography and I want my Instagram account to showcase that, whether it be of happy messes, flowers, or the rain, I want my pictures to be of simple life and filled with joy. I want to be able to always see the joy in life. I really love the Joy Dare that Ann Voskamp created and I would love my Instagram to be filled with the images that inspire todays find. Go here for more details about this dare, I would love for you to join me.  

Pinterest: There is nothing that I love more than wasting spending time on Pinterest. I love looking at other photographs, finding inspiration for my home, life or diy project. I love looking at new recipes, fashion, and workout routines. If you want to see my many, many pins that I have collected over the years, definitely go and take a look.  

Bloglovin: I am brand new to Bloglovin and I am so excited to be apart of it. It is a place to keep track of all of blogs that you love and it will show you exactly which posts you have not yet read. I am really excited to be on here! 
Thank you so much for stopping by and I would love to hear what you think about the Knotted Home's new look. I cannot wait to post more for you all in 2015 and to share with you my journey of all the ups & downs of Emily. xoxo 

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