Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our Christmas Tree

Today I would like to share with you our Christmas Tree. We got it up late this year due to the fact that the tree was living in storage, but now that it is up, I am in such a happy mood. I love decorating the tree so much. 
As a child my father would always be in charge of putting the Christmas lights up on our tree. As I got older I was able to help hold the lights so that it was easier for him to go around and around. Finally, I got old enough to have this task be passed down to me, it was now my responsibility to put the lights on and I loved it, even though my hands got scratched up to pieces. 
My father taught me how to weave the lights back and forth through the branches and how to use the needles to cover up the light strands ... as much as possible. He taught me how to properly fluff up the tree to make it look as bushy as possible. Yes, we use a fake tree! Love it.
Above are pictures of the tree before the decorations were put on and down below is the result of ornament madness. Working in retail I really do appreciate the look of colour-coordinated, perfectly decorated trees, but at home, it needs to be handmade and decorated without rhyme or reason.  
Our candlestick lights only are on half the tree due to small little fingers. They get a bit hotter than normal lights and I didn't want Bug to accidentally touch them. Also, with a toddler, the bottom half of the tree is decorated with ornaments that can NOT break. Its important. 
This morning as I was taking these pictures Bug decided to join me. She got a little tree happy and began to pull of ornaments like a mad person. She got really excited which made me get very excited. How amazing would a Christmas tree look to a little girl? I was very thankful that I made the call to decorate with Bug in mind, she pulled four ornaments off and they hit the floor. No breakages here! 
 How do you like to decorate your tree? Do you have themes or colour schemes? I would love to hear you talk about it or see pictures, feel free to comment down below! xo Have a very Merry Christmas.

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