Monday, December 01, 2014

Our Advent Calendar

Growing up, a huge part of our family tradition was having our chocolate advent calendars to mark down the passing time before Christmas arrived. I love it. The anticipating of getting one day closer to the holiday. I was not impressed when one year, my crazy, chocoholic loving sister, decided to eat all of my chocolate in advance. Boy, was I upset when I opened up the little door to discover that there was no chocolate for me to eat that day. I laugh now, but at the time I was devastated. Opening the little door never qualified in the excitement of getting one day closer. 

As much as I am an advocate for teaching the real reason for this holiday, I cannot help but feel a childish excitement build up inside of me as I wrapped each of these little gifts for Bug to open every day. I know that its not all about getting something, whether it be chocolate or books, but I do believe that we should be excited for Christmas and I love how exciting it can be for a child. I do still hope that I can raise my family to not be present crazy, however, I hope that with each gift or act of kindness, they will learn to, not only appreciate and be thankful, but that they can get excited and filled with anticipation. 

Because I feel that Bug is way too young for chocolate (maybe in another 5 years), my friend gave me the most fabulous idea of finding 24 story books and having her open one up each day. Bug may not understand the idea of unwrapping something yet, but she shares my love for books, so when I learned of this unique advent calendar, I was excited. Especially since they don't have to be brand new books, just new to her books. I love this. 
I finished wrapping them this morning, and tonight, Bug will have the pleasure of picking whatever one her heart desires. We will read that book to her. Afterwards we will follow with an advent book that I received last year as a gift, so that she can hear the story of the birth of Christ. I am so excited.

I am hoping to be able to switch up the many ways that we will celebrate the counting down to Christmas with my family. There are many wonderful ideas on Pinterest that I fell in love with. Here are a couple that I had to share with you all.
1. // the Merry Thought
2. // You Are My Fav
3. // Little Houses
4. // Reusable
5. // David's Tea
6. // A Bright Corner
7. // Triangle Advent

There are so many ways to create the count down till Christmas. Between chocolates & teas, books & little gifts, hanging ornaments & 24 acts of kindness, I love that we can all celebrate the 24 days till Christmas together in our own way. I even like the idea of blessing someone else with 24 little gifts, chocolates, or acts of kindness. This season is about spreading love and being with friends & family, and that is why I get so happy about advent calendars. It is a way to bless someone and get excited about Christmas all at the same time.

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