Thursday, December 18, 2014

O N E :: I'll Love You Forever, I'll Like You For Always

Dearest Bug, 
I remember when you were still growing inside of me; I so excited for motherhood could not even comprehend the kind of joy that you would bless me with. Even when we traveled to the Middle East to live for a bit, the idea of holding you in my arms and raising you as my own seemed like a far away dream. 
I remember how much you enjoyed kicking me as you grew and grew. There was hardly a twenty minute period in which I didn't feel you. That should have been the first clue to the energy ball that you are now. We were so eager to meet you and I counted the hours and the minutes and the seconds until I could finally meet you. 
Your entrance into this world was a beautiful blurry one. All I remember is the excitement of holding you, feeling you and seeing you for the first time. I could not believe that you were finally here. In my arms. Where you will always be welcomed. 
The year went by so fast. Way too fast. And I know that my own mother warned me against blinking, and I tried so hard not to blink so that I wouldn't miss anything. But I think I must have. Because today, today, my beautiful girl, you are one. ONE. I just cannot believe it. 
You have provided us with so much love, joy, angst, and entertainment over the course of one year. I cannot believe how much you have grown in size and in character. You are a goof ball, a ham, a funny girl. You can get serious, stubborn, and cranky in a second. You are full of emotions, full of empathy, of happiness, of craziness, of love. You are, if I dare say so myself, the most perfect little girl for me. 
Right now you are crawling all over the place very fast. You want to walk, but are not quite sure of the idea of doing it yourself. You don't mind walking with mommy or daddy one handed, but the moment we let go, you think that its all over and you get sad.
Your favourite thing to eat right now would probably have to be grapes and blueberries, carrots and pumpkin, scrambled eggs and arrowroot crackers. You are not a huge fan of homo milk, but you love to drink water. You always make a satisfaction noise after you drink your water too. It is so cute. 
You love to bathe. We have so many fun toys and bubbles that makes having baths seem like a playtime for you. The only time you scream during baths is if we have been at the swimming pool that week. For some reason, you hate bathing right after the pool. 
One of your favourite things to hold during diaper changes is your friend Hedgeboy. He was a collectors item that I had when I was little and one day when you were very upset about the diaper change that was occurring, I found him and gave him to you, and now he is your changing table companion. You always want to hold him during and wave goodbye to him afterwards. 
The guitar in our house is known as "tar" by you. You point at it and call out for "da-da" or say "tar" and that is daddy's cue to bring it down of the wall and play it for you. You love to touch the strings and strum it. You love to bang on things as if they were your drums. You love to dance to music. You love to dance to no music at all. I think you have a music bone inside of you. You usually wave goodbye to the "tar" when daddy puts it away too. 
You actually love to say goodbye to almost everything that you are finished with. From the guitar to the highchair, from your friends to your toys. You love to wave. What is better than waving is goodbye is waving hello and to accompany your enthusiastic waves is usually a "heeeeee" (pronounced hey)
You love to read. If I ask you to pick out a book, you will always go to the bookshelf and look at them. My favourite time of day is when I pick out a couple of books and we go into your room to read. You always end up playing with your toys as I read, but when I stop, you look at me as if to say, "You're done already?" I love reading to you. And I cannot wait until we get into the classics ... when you are much older.
You have a favourite stuffy named Lambie. He is your pride and joy and the one toy you cuddle with the most. He is your crib companion, the teddybear we take everywhere, and the one guy you go to when you are sad. If you have had enough of being in your crib you will throw him out and then cry until we get you out. He is your buddy. 
You love kitties. You really love kitties. I once bought you a book that had a kitty on the cover and you kissed it, hugged it, and then proceeded to cuddle with it. I hope one day to convince your father that you need a kitty. You will have to help me though. I am pretty sure if kitty was your first "real word," that it would help the situation. 
I just have to say, Bug, this year has been wonderful. You have been such a blessing to me and your dad. It has been absolutely amazing to watch you grow into the little girl you are. I am so thankful for you, and even though a part of me wants you to stay my little girl forever, a bigger part is so excited to see how much you change and grow. I just love being your mom. 

Thank you for being the sweetest little girl. You are a delight. I cannot even think of a better word to say than what a delight it has been to have you come into our lives. I love you. I hope the next years will just keep getting better. You are loved by so many, little one. 

With all of my heart,
Your muma

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I am living, my baby you'll be. 

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