Monday, December 15, 2014

Favourite Childhood Christmas Present

My dad came to visit us yesterday and he brought a few presents and a few items that I had left at their house. Anne of Green Gables series by L. M. Montgomery was one of the items that had been returned to me. Even know as I write this, the smell of the books are inviting me back to reread her story. 
I remember that my sister opened her gift first. Christmas paper went flying and to our excitement a whole package of new barbie clothes shone with fancy packaging, making both of us girls squeal in joy. Man, that was a good present, I remember thinking. It was my turn next, so I went for mine and I began to unwrap the paper. Already noting, that my package was smaller than my sisters, I redeemed my worries with the known fact that everything that is smaller is always better. Right? 

I finally got the backend uncovered and I knew exactly what it was. Books. Books? Books. I was happy, of course, I love to read, but there was a part of my heart that was sad. It wasn't pretty new barbie clothes or something else that was the new shiny - whatever the new thing was for the time that all little girls wanted. I thanked my mom and dad and set them down. I got carried away with the rest of the night, those books laid forgotten.

In the morning, after our stockings were opened and we finished eating our breakfast, we departed ways as we always did to play with our new gifts. I remember picking up Anne of Green Gables and opening it up to the first page. I already had seen the movie and so I knew what the story was about, however, I did not know know about all of the different adventures Anne would have. If my parents had picked this series out for me there must have been a reason, so I began to read. And I read all day long. That series soon became a favourite of mine and as you can tell from the folds in the binding, it was read often.

I cannot wait to share this series and Anne's story with Bug. Or to find a new story that I can give to her one day. And even if her first reaction is one of disappointment rather than joy for reviving a book instead of whatever the new shiny is, I hope that she will still know how precious they are.

This has to be my favourite Christmas present from childhood. So many memories. Thank you mom & dad. Thank you for the best gift you can ever give a child. The gift of learning, of stories, of adventure, of love, and of finding companions with beautiful heroine such as Diana Barry and Ann with an e.

(I do not remember the year that Anne was gifted to me. Mom? Dad?)

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