Monday, December 22, 2014


Reading: The Wind and the Willows to Bug who loves it when I do the voices. I am also reading a lot of blogging articles, book introductions (projects for the New Year!), and my blogger course from A Beautiful Mess. It is all pretty much homework for the New Year, but Wind and the Willows is definitely a pleasure read. 

Feeling Thankful: for friends and family! We have been so blessed. We have so many wonderful friends in the city and lovely family members who don't mind driving all the way to see us! I am so thankful for you all! 

Watching: the 100! Are you? You should! Because it is amazing! Its on Netflix. Go. Go. Go. 

Anticipating: a wonderful beginning to the New Year. This year was a whirlwind, crazy, emotional, wonderful hurricane. I am sad to see it go but excited for the new. A fresh start. A new beginning. I know a few people who don't like the whole New Year Resolution thing, but I love it and I am excited to make my list and goals and get excited about 2015. 

Listening To: the Gilmore Girls theme song. Over and over. Bug has really gotten into it and has started to dance every single time it comes on. So now I just play it for her. Or when she is kind of moody I will turn it on. Instant cure. 

Working On: organizing my room. The weather has warmed up a bit around the city and I feel in the Spring cleaning mood. Or maybe I am mentally preparing myself for the burst of gifts coming from Christmas and I am trying to get rid of things in order to make room for the new. Either way, I am cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and trying on things in my closet and trying to get rid of things that I don't need AND realizing that I have no idea how to dress myself! Gah! HELP! 

Loving: how well Bug is unwrapping her advent books. The very first day she gave me the look like I was ridiculous for "making" her rip paper, and now she is all about it. She loves it. She smiles and she makes sure she hands me the paper as she wraps it. I cannot wait to see her go crazy come Christmas morning. There are quite a few things for her under the tree. 

Eating: fruit smoothies. My husband and I have been on a smoothie kick lately. I only wish there was such a thing as a SILENT blender. Is there? Does anyone know of one? I am tired of being woken up my our blender, and I am tired of not wanting to make a smoothie when others are sleeping. 

Making: last minute Christmas gifts! December really got a way on me. Yikes. but no fear, I will just stay up all night tonight to finish! I can do that! 

Dreaming About: Christmas day! It is going to be so wonderful, there is always something so magical about Christmas morning.

Question: What songs would you recommend to be played on a ukulele? I need suggestions! 
Merry Christmas. 

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