Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Collection :: Nativity Scenes

I wanted to share with you today all of the other Christmas decorations that I have around the home. As I began to take the photographs, I realized that most of my Christmas decorations is that of the Nativity scene. I knew that I had a couple of scenes, what I didn't know was that I have seven in total. I managed to squeeze out six nativity scenes across my home this year, and my penguin one (which is number six) remains in the box for next 
The paper nativity scene (pictured above) is a new favourite of mine. My dad found it and put it together and coloured the scene. Since they no longer have room to display it, dad gave it to me and I so proudly (and a little frustrated since I didn't know what I was doing and didn't even realize that there was a picture of the whole thing put together on the back of the background! GAH) put it together.

This nativity (pictured above) is also a new favourite. My wonderful friend purchased it for me when I was in the Middle East. She was going to bring it over with her when she planned to come visit me. I keep wishing that I had been there when I opened up this little scene, what a wonderful joy in the dessert that would have been. It was a wonderful joy to open here in the bloody cold wintery snow, and I am thrilled to add it to my collection. 
The nativity in the last picture above was one that was given to me by my mother. It is the only nativity that I have seen that is one piece. I love it for its uniqueness and it currently resides in my daughters room. 
This one (pictured above) always makes me think of the Willow Tree collection. It is not affiliated with the Willow Tree in any way (HINT HINT HUSBAND - I Do want the Willow Tree Nativity Scene one day). I like how simple it is. No faces, basic colours, perfection. 
This little nativity set I bought for Bug a couple months ago. I figured she needed a nativity scene for her room (and failed to remember how many I apparently had in storage already) and thought that the roly poly cuteness it had was perfect. 
Lastly, this nativity scene reminds me of origami and I love it so. Completely white, it only showcases the Wisemen coming to see Jesus. I thought they went so well on my coffee bar. And I had to take a picture of how I displayed my citrus ornaments, they are still giving off a beautiful smell.

I hope you enjoyed my nativity collection. I had a couple of more, but over the past few years they got damaged and had to be thrown away. My husband was joking that I had too many, but then I pointed out all of his Apple (computer not the fruit) products and that shut him up. haha. At least this particular collection is only on display for a couple of months.

Do any of you collect anything for Christmas? Maybe some ornaments or Christmas stories? Maybe nativity scenes or Christmas smelling candles? I would love to know.

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