Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Chicken & Red Wine Sauce

I was not planning on boasting and post about a recipe today, but once I tried this dish, I knew I had to. I made it a couple of days ago after searching for recipes that used red wine. I love cooking with wine, but I find that I usually buy it with only one specific recipe in mind.

Chicken & Red Wine Sauce came up in my search engines and not only did it look insanely easy, which it was, but I also had all of the ingredients, a bonus. Deciding to cook it up for my husband a couple of days ago, we were both impressed. My husband took his first bite and promptly said "yummy." ITS A WINNER. I tried a taste in the pan before serving it, and finding it scrumptious I decided to take a picture of it so that I can tell you, dear readers, all about it.

So yummy. The recipe is posted here and the only changes that I made is that I cut the paprika, brown sugar, and red wine in half for two chicken breasts. So good. The only thing that was a downer about this meal was that I used leftover pasta to accompany it. So wrong. Next time I make this dish, I hope to fancy it up a bit. What would you guys use with this dish? Please send me your ideas down below in the comment section!

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