Thursday, December 11, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Another one of my favourite songs is Baby, It's Cold Outside. I know, its not "technically" a Christmas song, but it proceeds to put a smile on my face every year. The lyrics play true to my relationship with my husband. There are many times that I try so hard to convince him to stay home from school or work (oops, bad wifey) because he will miss out on something, or the roads suck, or how much he will miss me. I once thought I was making it worse for him to leave, but after talking about it with him he actually announced that he loves it when I do it. Makes him feel loved and he loves knowing that we will miss him as much as he will miss us. Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you ... the lyrics. 


I really can't stay - Baby it's cold outside
I've got to go away - Baby it's cold outside
This evening has been - Been hoping that you'd drop in
So very nice - I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice

My mother will start to worry - Beautiful, what's your hurry?
Father will be pacing the floor - Listen to the fireplace roar
So really I'd better scurry - Beautiful, please don't hurry
Maybe just a half a drink more - Put some records on while I pour

The neighbors might think - Baby, it's bad out there
Say, what's in this drink? - No cabs to be had out there
I wish I knew how - Your eyes are like starlight now
To break this spell - I'll take your hat, your hair looks swell

I ought to say no, no, no - Mind if I move in closer?
At least I'm gonna say that I tried - What's the sense in hurting my pride?
I really can't stay - Baby don't hold out
Ah, but it's cold outside

I've got to get home - Oh, baby, you'll freeze out there
Say, lend me your coat - It's up to your knees out there
You've really been grand - Thrill when you touch my hand
Why don't you see - How can you do this thing to me?

There's bound to be talk tomorrow - Think of my life long sorrow
At least there will be plenty implied - If you caught pneumonia and died
I really can't stay - Get over that hold out
Ah, but it's cold outside
Oh, baby, it's cold outside
Oh, baby, it's cold outside

A few of my favourite versions of this song include Neptune's Daughter (which I believe is the original version of this song, Norah Jones, and of course, last but definitely not least, He & She - Love me some Zooey. 

Do you guys like this song? What is your favourite version of it? 
Merry Christmas. 

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