Thursday, November 27

Winter in Northern Alberta

Winter in Northern Alberta - by Nicole!

Winter. Here in Grande Prairie, Alberta we can expect winter anytime between October and May (and on rare occasions - somewhere in between!). I have a love/hate relationship with winter. 

I hate it because almost every day those of us without a garage have to scrape and/or brush our vehicles. I hate it because I have a tiny car and I worry about getting stuck in the middle of the road. I hate it because it can be really stressful driving anywhere and you completely work your plans around what the weather and roads are doing. I hate it because it's cold. So so cold. That's a lot of hate. So much hate that you may wonder why anyone would choose to live in the north. Well, let me tell you why I love winter. 

I love winter because I love feeling cozy. I love coming into the warm house from a freezing, blustering day. I love scarves. I love hot chocolate. With marshmallows. I love fancy Christmas flavored lattes. I love the beauty of a freshly fallen snow that has not yet been touched by boots or tires. I love the thin layer of frost that clings to the tree branches and makes the whole city look like a winter wonderland. I love skiing. I love snowshoeing. I love building snowmen. I love commiserating with my neighbours and coworkers over the brutality of winter. What I love most of all though, is how much pride I feel for this place. I am very defensive of Northern Alberta. It may be a struggle sometimes, but it's home and when it comes right down to it - there is nowhere else I would rather be. 

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