Monday, November 24, 2014

Taking Stock

Making: I am just finishing up making my Christmas gifts for a couple of friends. They are so cute.  
Cooking: I have plans to make meatballs tonight! Yum.
Drinking: Water! and coffee. 
Reading: Currently I am reading my own book. Lots of editing and revision going on over here, I am sad that I don't have time to read other books. Maybe in the New Year?
Wanting: to get our Christmas tree! I need to start decorating for the Holiday! Need. 
Looking: outside, the winter sun is shinning so bright. 
Playing: with Bug always, she loves to play. 
Wasting: my time on Pinterest instead of writing my book ... as always. Feel free to kick my butt. 
Sewing: nothing at the moment, but I have plans to make a quilt for Bug in the New Year. 
Wishing: that family lived closer to us. I miss them. 
Enjoying: the weather! The snow is so beautiful. 
Waiting: for December first to come along. 
Liking: and disliking the fact that I am planning my baby's first birthday party. 
Wondering: at the next year to come. This year went by way too fast with our little girl, and so I wonder what next year is going to look like. 
Loving: my little family! They are so precious to me. 
Hoping: Bug listens to me and stays little forever. 

Marvelling: at the fact that NaNoWriMo is almost over! Ahhh...
Needing: to write. Desperately
Smelling: Bananas. I just cut some up for Bug to eat. 
Wearing: pyjamas, because we are cozying it up  today. 
Following: Bug around. All day. Its part of my job description. 
Noticing: that Bug loves to sing when she is happy. 
Knowing: that today is going to be a good day, because I choose to be happy. 
Thinking: about what I should try and accomplish today. 
Feeling: surprisingly calm for how much writing I have to do. 
Bookmarking: err pinning so many things on Pinterest ... 
Opening: up the baby proof cupboards is next to impossible. 
Giggling: while tickling Bug's toes. She likes it when I tickle her toes while she is trapped in her highchair. She doesn't see my fingers coming. Anticipation nearly kills her. 

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