Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hourly Snapshots

I don't know about you, but I love to read about other people's days, and whats even better, is getting a glimpse into it. I have taken a picture every hour so that I can show you just what a typical day looks like, at least for the month of November. 
9:00 am working on my book. 
10:00 am messes and storybook time. 
11:00 am midmorning snacks that turn into lunches. 
12:00 pm laundry hanging to dry. 
1:00 pm traveling to do some shopping for Bug.
2:00 pm found some local yarn bombing. love this. 
3:00 pm a beautiful bush outside of Bug's grandparents house. 
4:00 pm Bug opened up some of her birthday presents early. 
5:00 playing in an Elmo tent, the best gift a little girl could have. 
6:00 pm after supper fire. 
I hope you enjoyed and felt a bit like you were here with me. xoxo

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