Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Frosted Hideaway

I have escaped. Escaped the chaos and fast-paced life one leads while living in a city. Coming from a place where neighbours know everything about me and where it could easy take half-an-hour to just grab my mail because people want to say hello, I find the city very cold. In the city, I smile to those I walk past, but they ignore me. So then I begin to ignore them too. I begin to walk faster, ignoring the beautiful day I am surrounded by, my shoulders become hunched, because I am tense, scared of everything, of everyone. Thats an extreme picture I just painted for you, but its how I feel. I wanted you to get a sense of how I have started to walk in the city. I am aware of everything, but closed off, I am alone, but afraid of making eye contact, I am tense, because anything could happen. Forget the skipping, the humming, the taking notice of something beautiful, I just need to go from point A to point B without anything bad happening.

In the country I am free. My shoulders relax, I can breathe. Still being aware of all around me, but not being fearful of it. A rooster crowed, and I did not jump. A bunny surprised me on my path, but I did not jump. I am awed by nature. I am blessed by nature. Country life is my normal, it is where my heart prefers to beat, it is where I can truly relax. So this morning I went for a walk. I am so thankful for this place. For this home.
I hope you enjoyed our little walk together. Do you ever feel the frustrations of city life and just wish for a time or place to get away to? 

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