Tuesday, November 4

Fantasy Football

Hello Everyone - Nicole here! Emily has invited me to guest blog for Tuesdays and Thursdays for the month of November, so here is my first post!

I love fantasy football. Let's start from the beginning. My love of football started in high school when I got extra credit working for my high school football team, the PWA Titans. I helped with water, packing equipment, and taking statistics. I learned so much about the rules of the game and how exciting and it can be. Two years ago, my husband joined a NFL fantasy football league online and I was officially intrigued. Last year, I joined a league with my husband and some other family. We don't play for money, just for bragging rights. 

So - for those of you who don't know how it works - you join a league with people you know, or random football fans from around the world. You set a time for a live draft where you take turns picking players for your team. The website tells you who are the supposed top players are (because let's face it, a lot of us don't know). You pick players in a variety of positions and then put some extra people on your bench for backup. Each week you are pitted against somebody in your league, and whoever's team gets the most points wins the week! Then at the end of the season an overall winner is decided! 

Now, my team is called "Big Niki's Renegades" and I pick my players for slightly unorthodox reasons. Of course, I picked my team this year partially based on who is the best. However, I also took "player cuteness" very seriously. For example, my quarterback Colin Kaeperick (or as I call him, Kappy) may not get the highest points ever, but he is SO CUTE.

Am I right?! I also picked a wide receiver, Antonio Brown, basically for hotness alone.

Whatever works! I am currently ranked #4 out of 6 so it may not be working for me all that well, but I am having a lot of fun. 

I encourage you to try something new, try watching a new sport or learning something new. You'll get to spend some time yelling at the television and trash talking other teams, it's awesome. Feel free to leave a comment and sign up for next year with me! 

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