Thursday, November 20, 2014

Carving Out "Me" Time

Carving Out "Me" Time a.k.a. Random Advice From Nicole

I am a huge proponent of "me" time. I think everyone should carve out a few hours a week (even just 1 hour if that's all you can manage!) to spend with yourself. Here's my top 3 reasons why:

1. Everyone needs time to recharge. Our days are so busy and hectic that sometimes we lose focus and get caught in stress that we never let go of. Spend an hour regaining focus and reflecting on your own feelings.

2. Relaxation. Relaxing is highly underrated. I know that I personally feel a lot of pressure to be always doing something, to always have a project on the go, or to have a perfectly clean house and to look beautiful. I forget that it's okay to let go, and be vulnerable - it's freeing!

3. To help others. Now, this may seem odd. I often feel guilty when I carve out my "me" time and leave chores and my family out. Then I remind myself that in a family unit, or a workplace unit even, the mood of one person can truly effect, negatively or positively, the atmosphere and the morale of everyone around them. If I am miserable, I am making others miserable. If I am relaxed, happy, and focused I am making others feel similiarly. Your family feeds off your energy and the more you improve your own well-being, the more they will be improved by your example.

Now, how to carve out "me" time. My advice is to always have it at the same. Say, always 7-9 p.m. on Tuesdays. Ask your significant other to look after the kids, or to go out with some friends, or even stay in a different room. Light a candle. Put on some music. Create a "happy place" in your home that you can return to each week that you only associate with your "me" time. Don't necessarily watch t.v. or a movie (unless of course that makes you very happy!) but perhaps read a book, a devotional, some poetry, a magazine, your favourite blog, or just listen to a new album. Play an instrument, try a craft, do something just for you - you deserve it!

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