Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Capturing Moments This World Has To Offer

Last week was an amazing self reflection week for me. I left the city and went out to the country were work and family would find me. The wonderful thing about the country is the amazing scenery that it always has on display. I will never get sick of the big, blue skies, prairie that seems to go on for miles, rolling hills. All, even covered in frost or in snow, have a special place in my heart. 
This week I realized how much I love being outside and how I need to be surrounded by nature. Even just breathing fresh air for more than a couple of minutes refreshes me. Deeply refreshes. I need to go out more. I need to walk more. I need to breathe in fresh air more.
I used to always make mention of the rising sun or how pretty those flowers are and I realized that since I have been in the city, how blind I have become to the beauty within it. I spend so much time either staying inside or hurrying to get all of my tasks done, that I do not see or notice the nature around me. 
I miss that. So this is what I am dedicating this post. A tribute to the pretty pictures I have taken once before and a promise that I will do better to notice the prettiness around me. I would rather take pictures of nature than that of my crafts any day. I love being able to capture a moment this world has to offer me, that God has created for me. 
This is something that my heart truly loves. To find the beauty in the day. Plus you should see my house right now. Dried flowers in corners, shells and feathers stored on table tops, rocks and leaves on the bookshelves. They cannot stay outdoors, because I am in love. You may think I am silly, but I do not care. This is who I am. And I want to photograph it more. And I want to write about it more. So here I go. 

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