Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bits & Pieces

A little teaser of a photoshoot that I did a couple of days ago. Yes, my ukulele is broken, though it still carry a mean tune. 
In the centre of this picture is Hedgeboy. I have Hedgeboy since I was little and now he is one of Bug's favourite things. We only play with him when she is getting dressed, diaper changed, or after a bath. Since usually she hates the changing process, Hedgeboy has helped her to relax. Also behind him is the collection of 101 Dalmatian stamps we found out our local thrift store. It has Arabic printed on it - we ad to get it for Bug's room. 
This is just one of the places that we shopped at last Saturday. We may have even stopped by to see Santa! 
Maybe it is time I bring these boys in? 
Beautiful artwork created by beautiful friends. We miss you, girlies!
This is what Bug has been up to all week. Walking, pushing this Hippo around the house. I have noticed just how small my home is since every minute I have to turn her around. But she loves it, and oh my goodness, she is going to be walking around here soon without help! eep! 

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