Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Weekly

Wow. It has been two weeks since I have written a Weekly post. We have been busy. We finished Bug's swim lessons, enjoyed the weather, spent time with friends from out of town. Watched Wall-E, crocheted a bunch, cleaned my house. Blogged about Bug's room,  shopped for winter clothes, and finished more craft projects. It has been a great two weeks. 

This week I feel like I need to unwind a little. I have been so busy visiting and crafting, that I kind of want to hide for a little bit. Ha. It's not going to happen. I have a few more things to get done before I can rest - and then I might escape to the country side. Here is hoping. 

I also need to get better at meal planning. If anyone has any tips or favourite recipes that they would want to share, I would appreciate it immensely. 

In Other News: 
+ Only TWO more days before the Pumpkin Contest is over. Make sure you send in your photographs before Midnight on Tuesday the 28th. 
+ Have you seen my dear friend Nicole's book reviews? They are amazing. A link to the first one is here & the second here. 

Photos of the Week: 1. // Going through my closet and trying to figure out my style. I am thankful that my husband actually has good taste and tells me what looks good and what doesn't. 2. // A beautiful tree in a friend's backyard - I love how the trees change colour. 3. // Bug picked this book out the other day for me to read to her, it made me so happy. The Fox and the Hound was my favourite Disney movie growing up. 4. // My chalkboard project finally finished. It was a lot of sanding. 5. // This picture was taken today. It started to snow. It was lovely, but cold, but beautiful, but slushy, but magical. 


Link Love: 
These leather journals are so beautiful!
+ Yarn Wall Art!  LOVE.
How to tell a story. Definitely going to use this for Bug.
Maiedae has started a series which I am so excited about. Go check it out.
This is all I want to drink right now.

Inspiring Me This Week: 
I have had a few people send in pictures for the Pumpkin Contest that I am hosting, and I have been so inspired to see them. Thank you all for sending. AND for those who want to still be a part of it - YOU HAVE TWO DAYS! I cannot wait.

To Do List:
+ Finish Christmas Ornaments.
+ Finish up notes before NaNoWriMo starts. Am I crazy for doing this?
+ Meal Plan.
+ Listen to Ruth Podcast instead of watching TV.
+ Pick a winner for the Pumpkin Contest. HOORAY.
+ Finish Christmas packages.
+ Send my snail mail.

Question of the Week (please answer in the comments below): 
What is your favourite thing to cook or bake? I am meal planning and I need kitchen inspiration. Tips & advice for meal planning, what you have found works best for your family, would also be appreciated.

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