Friday, October 31, 2014

The Pumpkin Winner

Happy Halloween, Everybody! 

I am so excited to announce the winner (you are all winners) of the pumpkin contest! Thank you, everyone, so much for sending in your pumpkin photos. It means so much to me that you were all willing to participate. I love that. I love how we can be creative together and share our projects with each other and to inspire each other.

There is only one grand prize winner (it will be the last photo of this post!), but I wanted to share with you a few of the other creations that I really, really liked. I hope you like them as well. 

This little carver is the youngest to submit an entry into the contest. 
The yummiest baby pie ever to be created. 
This is so pretty. 

Dracula equals AWESOME. 

And The Grand Prize WINNER!
I really would like to know how long this took you. Incredible! 
Congratulations!!! I need you to please email your snail mail address to me at or Facebook message me on my page The Knotted Home so I can send to you the handmade prize. Congratulations again and thank you so much for entering. 

Even though I cannot make you all winners (as then there would be no point to a contest) I just wanted to say again, how appreciated I am of all who entered! Thank you. I look forward to doing this contest again next year.

Happy Halloween! 

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