Thursday, October 30, 2014

Paper Tree Ornaments

I wanted to share with you all today, the craft that has kept me busy for weeks. Ha. Maybe not that long, at least not week of just working on this project, I had many others. Needless to say it IS a time consuming project. Which will make me love it even more when I am done with it - not quite there yet, but hopefully today these will all be sitting on my table, waiting for their new home. 
These ornaments have been a lot of finicky, gluey fingers, and fun. I love seeing how each ornament turns out completely different than the one before. My only sadness was that I killed a book for this project - something I thought I would NEVER, EVER do. I am a book murderer.

The bottom picture is a little blurry due to the fact that it was sent to my iPhone from my mother's phone. She was so wonderful and created little black backings for the ornaments I had sent her at the end of August. They look so good.

I will probably be posting a few more pictures of these little guys when the project has been completed. I just couldn't wait until then, I had to share. xoxo

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