Wednesday, October 22


I just wanted to say hello! It has been pretty busy here in this household as of late and I realized only tonight that I haven't written in a while. I miss it.

I have been working on some projects and will have a bunch of them up here very soon. Also, I will be posting Bug's Nursery Tour TOMORROW! Keep an eye out for that. I am very excited to show you all. It is not finished, but it has a lot of personalty to it that I just cannot wait anymore. :)

Also, please note, that the entries for the Pumpkin Contest are due in 6 days. If you have made any wonderful pumpkin recipes, have carved a great pumpkin, have decorated a pumpkin, or have used a pumpkin as a decor - I WANT YOUR PHOTOS. The winner gets their photograph displayed on my blog as well as a handmade gift! Don't forget.

Thank you for being so patient with me, I miss you all. xoxo

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