Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Haul : Garage Sale Treasures

Over the weekend Bug & I had the privilege to go to an amazing garage sale with some wonderful people. I would have had a great day even if the sale wasn't wonderful. A friend came from out of town, and Bug got to hang out with her little bestie. We spent the whole day with them and it was so lovely. And the garage sale WAS amazing. I thought I would share with you what we found. Our little treasures.
 This amazing table for Bug's teddybears & dolls. How wonderful is it? It was spotted by our friend and I am forever thankful!
Wooden blocks. I couldn't pass this up - for three dollars? win!
 Mrs. Potato Head, of course. 
 This beautiful dress is going to be her BIRTHDAY dress. 
I actually didn't purchase this dress. It was given to us by our sweet friend as a belated baby shower gift. I am so happy with it! Who doesn't love poka-dots? 
 Bug in a ladybug costume for Halloween? yes!
 And of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't buy some books. I made it out with a lot!!

It was a great sale! I am so happy I went. My only complaint was the crazy amount of people that was surrounding me at all times - I am not a fan of crowds. AND that I didn't bring enough money. They had so many wonderful things, I had to pick my favourites rather than just, you know, buy it all. Most of these treasures will be for Bug's birthday & for Christmas. I am trying so hard not to just cave and let her play with everything. 

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