Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Weekly

Hello everyone. I hid away from the internet world yesterday. With a friend. We crocheted and talked about babies and life. It was nice. It was needed. And tomorrow I may do it again. Oh, and it also snowed yesterday, so crafting and conversation was simply perfect for that kind of day. I loved it.

This week I am trying to organize our bedroom. It was the last room we wanted to focus on as we can live with boxes and other such messes. Bug's room and our living room were way more important to finish first. I also am going to a thrift store today to look for embroidery hoops and some books for projects I have in mind. So excited about that. I also really need to make apple sauce, as you can seen in the photo below - I was blessed with even more apples. I love my friends.

I have changed my Creations page so that it would only display one photo with a link to the actual post about the DIY. Let me know what you think.

Snapshots of the Weekend: 1. // A bucket of apples that we were blessed with - time to make apple sauce & pies & strudel & … what are your favourite apple recipes? Please let me know in the comments below. 2. // Bug's adorable outfit, I love dressing her in pink. 3. // A photo I took yesterday, my White Hot Chocolate and a yarn skien - it was such a good day. 4. // Very pretty, sparkly lights from a sushi place we went to on Saturday. 5. // Game night. Elder Sign with new friends. 

 Favourite Articles/Pins/Posts:
- A HILARIOUS article on how to breastfeed appropriately. Read up. :) 
- I am going to be making this DIY very soon, my home is too dark for my plants. 
Another DIY I want to make. This would be perfect for my photos. 

To Do List This Week:
- Finish Cleaning Bedroom
- Create an earring display for the wall
- Start crocheting project
- Finish my book
- Make apple sauce/cubed apple slices for the freezer
- Make more paper flowers
- Go for walks with Bug when the weather is nice

I hope you are having a wonderful day. xoxo. 

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