Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The Weekly

Hello there. We are just getting back from a wonderful weekend spent outdoors. The last long weekend before school starts and we decided to enjoy it by camping and hiking. We bought a new carrier for Bug and it turned out great. She loved being in the pack the entire time minus fifteen minus at the end (she was in the pack for a long time, we walked 14km). I cannot wait to share and post photographs of all the adventures we have had. 

This week might be a slow one for me. We are trying to settle into our new routine. I am hoping to get a lot of projects done in the next two weeks as well as reading. I just borrowed The Maze Runner by James Dashner and I am so excited to read it. I saw the movie trailer and loved it. 

Exciting News Announcement: I am on Pinterest!! Ah! So neat. I am also working on another project that I cannot wait to share with you guys in October!! 

Snapshots of the Past Week: 1.// Pre date night photo shoot. We went out on a fancy family date to celebrate the end of a chapter and many new beginnings. 2. // My new Lavender Essential Oil, I love it so much. Not only does it leave my skin sparkles, but the smell is delightful. 3. // We got a lot of apples from our friends tree, I am so excited about making apple sauce and pies. 4. // Turning them apples into apple sauce. mmm. 5.// My photos are on Pinterest and I cannot be more thrilled. Just another beautiful site to be a part of. 
Favourite Articles/Pins/Posts:
This blogpost is amazing and puts everything into perspective. It is their day, not just mine.
- um, yes please!!
- I need to make these right now!

Inspiring Me This Week:
Our hiking & camping trip. The leaves were turning colour, the smell was of fall, and I was in love. I love this time if year and it is making me feel more creative. I don't know why, but I can already smell pumpkin pie baking in the over. I just want to cuddle with my knitting balls, crafting & fiddling away. I want to clean my house with the smell of festival fall and Christmas scented candles. I want to write my heart about the changing colour of the leaves. This is my favourite time of year.

3 Things About Me:
- Rainy weather is my favourite kind, but October is my favourite month.
- I cannot wait for Starbucks to come out with their Christmas drinks. Eggnog Chai, I want you!
- I have rekindled by love for the stars. This weekend I saw so many telescopes, it made me crazy. I have also been loving this bag from Modcloth!

Question of the Week:
What is your favourite thing about this time of year?

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