Friday, September 12, 2014

The Maker Series

Hello everyone. Today I would like to take a little time to introduce a project that has been on my heart for a little while now. I have been trying to think of a way to get people together to help inspire each other to do what they love and to be encouraged by others to dream bigger, craft harder, and live the homemade lifestyle. 
Introducing: The Maker Series.

This is where I am hoping you, dear readers, come in. I am looking for individuals who would love to share their creations, artwork, home projects etc. on the Knotted Home blog. I want this series to be a place of inspiration, encouragement, and support to those who want to craft, create, or live a homemade lifestyle. I want this to be a community for artists and crafters who can share what they have been creating with their friends & family, to "show off" their hearts work, their 'babies', their beautiful works. It doesn't matter if crafting is a daily activity in your every day lives, or if you just have that one project that you are so happy with - I would love to hear about it and post it on my blog to share with the world.

Calling All:
- Knitters & Crocheters.
- DIY Doers.
- Bakers.
- Metal Welders.
- Jewellery Makers.
- Pottery Throwers.
- Recipe Creators.
- Quilters.
- Yarn Spinners.
- Painters.
- Soap Makers. 
- Sketchers.
- Carpenters.
- Card Makers.
- Photographers.
- Film Makers.
- Poets & Writers.
- Song writers.
- Printmakers
- Sculptures.

Those were just the ones on the top of my head. There is no limit, if you crafted something that you are proud of, I want to hear about it. Any media can be used, any tools can be used. As long as it is YOUR project that YOU created, I want to know about it.

If this interests you, down below is an idea of what I am looking for.
- Step By Step - instructional pieces so that readers can make the same project.
- Highlighted - showing off artwork with photographs and explanations of why you love using that particular media.
- In The Kitchen - have a favourite, family recipe?
- At Home With (your name here) - home makeover pieces from any room. If you have renovated, redecorated or just have a room in your home that you are extremely proud of, this type of post is for you.
- Tips & Tricks - if there is a media or project that you have experience with and would like to share what you have learned by working with that media - share your tips & tricks.
- A Day In The Life Of (your name here) - want to share photographs of your daily activities - great for business owners (what does a day look like to an owner of a Bed & Breakfast), are you a full-time artist (what does it look like to paint all day?), what does your studio look like?
- If you have any other post ideas, I would love to hear about it.

What the posts need to have.
I just need clear step by step instructions, summaries, recipe outlines that are easy to read.
I need photographs (15-30max) that show exactly what you are doing, that compliment your space, that show the colours of your projects. They need to be clean, not cluttered, and they need to show, with easy, what you are trying to highlight. I will let you know if the photographs appear too dark etc.
If you need help with figuring out your post, let me know, and I can play around with your photographs and type until it is something to be proud of.
If you have other websites that you want me to link to (Website, Etsy, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Ravelry, Instagram etc) those need to be mentioned as well.

I will be posting the finished post on my Facebook Page, I will give you a link to the post so that you can place it on your Facebook page or any other site, and if wanted - I can post your photographs on Pinterest as well.

You DO NOT need to include yourself in the photographs for security reasons. I do not have pictures of my daughter on the blog for that reason, so I completely understand.
You DO NOT need to mention your name for security reasons.
This is meant to be FUN, INSPIRATION, UPLIFTING, CREATIVE space. No pressure, no pain, no struggle. If you find that you are struggling with creating a post, you do NOT need to send me it. Wait for inspiration. I want this to be EASY. I want this to be FUN.

If there are several projects that you would like to post, please send me multiple entries. I would rather post several (hopefully lots) posts by one individual, clearly explaining each art piece, craft etc, then have a random collection of projects that are not highlighted at the best way possible.

If this interests you or if you know somebody who should be in this series, please contact me and send me your post at knotted home (at) hotmail (dot) com. I would love to hear from you & I would love to see your projects. If you have any questions, please email me as well. Share this post with others as I would love for this to be an ongoing, creative space for everyone.

The Maker Series.

Thank you so much. xoxo

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