Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Favourites

Wow. September has come and gone. I cannot express enough how fast this year is going by for our family. September has been one busy, busy month. Filled with good moments, with some bad moments, but more importantly filled with Friends & Family. Because of you all, this month was amazing.
Here are my September favourites.


 Lovebug News:
- Bug now has six teeth. Four on top and two on the bottom. She likes to bite her cheerios in half.
- She has started her swimming lessons. She really enjoys being in the water. She likes to splash, kick in the water, and is currently trying to figure out how to blow bubbles.
- Her favourite television show is Bubble Guppies.
- She really enjoys it when I read to her. She will play on the floor with massive piles of toys all around, and I will just read. Any story. Any chapter. She loves it when I talk to her.
- Bug prefers it when I sit on the floor. I don't have to even play with her, she just wants me to be a part of what she is doing.
- She is a great sharer. Every day she gives me a toy or cheerio that she has in her hand. This makes my heart melt every day.
- She has cried twice leaving her Grandpa & Memaw's house.
- Bug loves to sniff. She makes a great squishy face when doing it! Love.
- Her hair is curling near her ears.

I hope you all had a wonderful September. Cannot wait to see what October holds! xoxo

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