Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It Was Always Meant For Her

Sometimes a project is started with a purpose and a plan. The stitches filled with hopes and dreams, an end goal in mind. However, life happens. Sometimes projects get put on hold. Sometimes the plan gets interrupted and the project lays forgotten. 

This was the start to the story of this sweater. A sweater that my mother intended for me. She had started crocheting, but never finished and I am sad to say that I never wore this lovely sweater. I never knew of its existence. 

A couple months ago, my mother found the pieces that were the start to this sweater. With a specific person in mind, she began finishing what she once started over 20 years ago. For my daughter. For Bug. 
I love it. I love the story. Even though I am sad that I was never able to fit into this beauty, it thrills me that Bug is able to wear it. It is so cute. I love how even though plans change, there can still be beauty, love, and a great story to be found. Just because things do not go the way they were planned or for who it was created for, doesn't automatically make it a failure or a waste of time. This sweater is a small testimony to that. It was never meant for me. It was always meant for Bug. 

"Today I found and finished a sweater I made for Emily 24 years ago. Just in time to fit her baby. 'Evidence' that procrastination and hoarding isn't always a negative." - My mom.  

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