Friday, August 22, 2014

Wanderlust Dreams

It was about a year ago (ish) this week that I was left at the airport while trying to get to my new home in Muscat, Oman. Hubby and I were wondering what parenthood looked like, excited nervous about moving to a new country, and even had huge travel plans for while we were over there. Although Oman didn't work out for us, I am so happy with what we were a part of and with what we have learned while being over there. I still dream of traveling, so when Dani from Sometimes Sweet posted her  Wanderlust Wishlist, I knew this was something that I wanted to talk about as well. I have a huge board on Pinterest of all the sights I want to see and all the places I want to go. I tried hard to narrow it down, but was unable to pick only 5 places. So here we go. My top 7 picks - in alphabetical order.

1. England. 
I am not exactly sure when or how it got started, but I have always had a love for England. The beautiful countryside of the movies and pictures I have seen just leaves me happy. I want to own a cottage in the country, take long strolls in the afternoon, have a beautiful garden, and drink tea every day. Sounds like a Jane Austen book, right? Sigh.
2. Germany.
One day I want to save enough money to take my dad to this wonderful country. We have family over there, some whom I have never met, and I feel like getting to know them with my dad by my side, would be fantastic. I cannot wait until the day. It's going to happen, dad!
3. Hawaii.
The Hubby and I are hoping to go to Hawaii as soon as we can. The hikes look amazing and we have friends who are going this year who are pack backing it. So excited to hear all the stories and see all the pictures. I am not sure we can fit Hawaii into our lives with all the school we have going on, but if we can squeeze it in, we definitely will.
4. Iceland. 
Ever since this lady went to Iceland, I have been dreaming of going their to take photos. I cannot get it out of my head. Every single picture I find of Iceland makes me swoon. I must go. I must go.
5. Japan.
We had an opportunity to work in Japan in March of this year, but with the sadness of leaving Oman and the birth of Bug, we declined for a life in Canada. Even though a part of us regrets our "safe" choice to move back home, we are excited for the day that we can come to this country to experience its beauty, the sushi, and its festivals!
6. Prince Edward Island.
"The night was clear and frosty, all ebony of shadow and silver of snowy slope; big stars were shining over the silent fields; here and there the dark pointed firs stood up with snow powdering their branches and the wind whistling through them.""Look at that sea, girls--all silver and shadow and vision of things not seen. We couldn't enjoy its loveliness any more if we had millions of dollars and ropes of diamonds."“I wonder if it will be—can be—any more beautiful than this,’ murmured Anne, looking around her with the loving, enraptured eyes of those to whom ‘home’ must always be the loveliest spot in the world, no matter what fairer lands may lie under alien stars.” All quotes from L.M Montgomery's 'Anne of Green Gables' - I think they say it all.

7. Scotland.
Sigh. Scotland. The land of dreamy landscapes and enchanting tales. Everything is so beautiful, so green, I want to go so bad. I cannot even continue on explaining why I want to go. It's perfect. The history. The dreary weather! Sea monsters. Sigh, I said enough.

SO there you have it. My top 7 picks. There are many, many more places that I have my eyeballs set on. Hopefully, one day, I will get to see them all, but until then, I will spend time on Pinterest and just dream. That's where you will find me.

Have any of you been to any of these places? Where would you like to travel to?

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