Monday, August 25, 2014

The Weekly

Hello there. 
This weekend was one of rest. Actually, I forgot that it was the weekend. The hubby was working and I have been under the weather for a few days now. I hate being sick when the weather is so nice. It is especially hard when Bug still hasn't settled into sleeping the whole night. I know I should be napping when she naps, but between household management, computer work, and all the other things that I need to do in a day, I feel like its just a waste of time. Plus I don't nap well. My brain turns on and doesn't shut up, so I usually end up just laying there, staring at the ceiling, thinking. 

Anywho. This week is our last week before school starts and I am hoping to have a lot of family time before our schedules become crazy hectic. Go for a few walks, picnics, and also catch up with some friends whom we haven't seen in a while. I am so excited to get into the new routine of things! 

I hope you all have been liking the blog so far. I have been trying to make it a little bit more personal,  with snapshots, DIY projects, and other goodies. 

Snapshots of the Week: 1. // We have a crawler on our hands. Bug hasn't quite figured out the entire crawling movement, she does this cute, little knee hop in between actually crawling. She gets from point A to point B regardless. 2. // A cute little DIY that I did last week. I love it. Their new home is in Bug's room. She told me herself (with an over eager 'YA') that she wanted them. 3. // The cover of a new day planner that I purchased for keeping the blog organized! Woo! I have been filling it with ideas and using the calendar to plan my posts. I am loving it. 4. // New art work for Bug's room. I found the Alphabet poster at Carlton Cards last year (it was originally wrapping paper, but once I saw it I knew that it one day would be an art piece for my child's room) and the Owl & Tree prints are from an Canadian Artist. Loving how they look together. 5. // Knitting, knitting, knitting. I have figured out a few projects that I am super excited and super proud about. I cannot wait to create them. 

 Favourite Articles/Pins/Posts:
- Loving Loving Loving the new site for A Beautiful Mess.
This hair tutorial is gorgeous.
- Just discovered this blog for the first time yesterday. I am in love.
This pillow!!
- I need to make this DIY.

Inspiring Me This Week:
Fall! Sorry Summer Lovers, but I am so excited for fall to get here. It is my favourite season and it really gets my heart pumping and my creative juices flowing. Already this week, I have noticed the weather getting colder. EEE! Love. I like how the weather gets colder in the morning or evening, but still hot and sunny during the day. The leaves turn colours and fall to the ground. The anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas. And of course, the traditional Starbucks drinks that will be coming out soon!! Pumpkin Chai Latte here I come! Creative juices here I come!

2 Things About Me:
- I have a love/hate relationship with cucumber.
- Picking up toys once Bug goes to bed for the night is one of my favourite things to do each day.

Questions of the Week:
What is your favourite season and why? Do you have a favourite drink you like to order from Starbucks? Let me know, I will try it!

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