Monday, August 18, 2014

The Weekly

Hello lovelies. This weekend has been a wonderful, messy, happy one. We went furniture shopping!! With family in tow (thank you for letting us borrow your trunk, mom) we went out and bought a few things for our home. A bookshelf, change table, and a crib were our big buys. Currently our home looks like a tornado ripped through it from all of the changes we are doing to the place, but that is okay because, Bug loves her new bed! Bedtime last night and naps during the day have been so easy, thank you IKEA! Who cares about the mess, this momma got some sleep finally!!

For the next few days I am hoping to make this house even more of a chaos and get some rooms organized. Bug's room needs to have all the furniture rearranged. With that in mind, I am also hoping to have some cooler weather here. Going a little stir crazy being stuck in our home with the heat. Yesterday we had a nice breeze so we went for a walk. It was lovely. 

I have some exciting new posts that I am so pleased of coming along this week. I have had a lot of fun thinking, planning, and bringing them to life. 

Snapshots of the Past Week: 1. Toys live everywhere - and that is okay. 2. A beautiful new shirt I got from my auntie. I am so in love with it. 3. A colourful bookshelf arrangement. Playing playing playing. Post to come soon. 4. A new crib for Bug. And gosh, she loves it so! 

Favourite Articles/Pins/Posts:
This entire Pinterest board makes me swoon & hungry. 
- I absolutely adore this maternity photo shoot.
- I want to go traveling with this lady and have her teach me all she knows about photography.
- I want to host a dinner party now. So pretty. 
This DIY. How adorable. 

Inspiring Me This Week:
My bookshelf is inspiring me! Wait, what? No, seriously. My husband built the bookshelf this morning and since then I have been moving things around, changing what I want on the shelves, how I want the overall feel to be. I love it. I had such a great day just playing around. It has made me want to play around with other elements in the room. I just love it. 

3 Things About Me:
- I am addicted to Pinterest. :) Guilty Pleasure.
- I have never made rice krispie squares. They have always intimidated me for whatever reason.
- I love having my nails painted, but I hate painting my nails. I need someone in my life who will do them for me. 

Question of the Week:
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

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