Monday, August 11, 2014

The Weekly

Hello, lovelies. We just came back from our summer holidays. Man, two weeks can go by so fast. Even so, we took a much needed, get out of town, forget all of our (most) technological devices vacation to visit with family, go on many road trips, enjoy our family reunion, hear lots of baby giggles, and just be in the outdoors. It was wonderful. The Hubby went on a week long canoe trip (totally wanting to do one now) and had a blast. Bug and I went and just chilled with many friends & family. Once the Hubby was done with his canoe trip, we all took another road trip to see even more family. I really love how much Bug loves her extended family. We don't see many of them often, so it makes my heart so happy to see her smile, hear her giggle, and to just be in the arms of those she is related to. She especially loves anyone who plays instruments. I really think she has music in her blood. 

This week, I have plans to do a lot of crafting, work on a healthy meal plan, as well as find a new route to run in the mornings. Running in the city kind of freaks me out and unless I feel perfectly safe, I will not go. I am also starting the Blogilates program - time to get to my life long body goal! I am so close to being back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I have a few other healthy body goals as well. I was talking about workout goals with a friend of mine who really encouraged me & gave me a few tips to try. I am so happy & so excited and have been learning that this whole process is about the journey, not the prize. Each day of doing exercise or eating well is a joy and I really need to take it day by day & not just look at the end goal. The end goal is far to overwhelming, but if I break it down, and make a million little goals to hit, the end goal is possible.   

Photos of the Past Two Weeks: 1. We all took the subway downtown and visited the University Campus. Many adventures to be had there over the next three years. 2. Showing off my new hair do and the clothes I stole from my mom. She is so fancy. 3. Bug has started to nap on her belly. It was a surprise when I found her rolled over for the first time, now its a habit. 4. My newest creation: pressed flower framed art. I have many new flowers that I want to frame so bad. 5. Beautiful flowers I found at a golf course we went to this past week. Too pretty to not take a picture. 

Favourite Articles/Pins/Posts:
This back to school shopping list! 
~ I really want to explore with this lady! 
~ I need to make this for Bug. 
~ Bug also needs this for her dresser. 
~ Love, Love, Love this post. 

Inspiring Me This Week: 
You guys inspire me! I just got the most wonderful feedback from a few of my viewers a week or so ago. I asked readers to tell me what they wanted to see more of in my posts and I got some amazing responses. I have new ideas planned that works with what I love (I will never post anything that won't work with what my blog is about) and I cannot wait for you all to read and see them. Hearing about what you guys would like to see come out of my blog, challenges & encourages me so much and I am so excited to see this blog will transform. Please comment anytime, on any posts, about what you love. This is how we grow. 

3 Things About Me:
~ Gilmore Girls is my absolutely favourite television show in the entire world. 
~ I am trying to get into the habit of stretching every morning. 
~ I have plans to purchase a crib for Bug & a bookshelf for our huge book collection this week. So excited. 

Question of the Week:
What are your favourite blogs that you absolutely must read? Why do you love them? 

I hope you have enjoyed my first post of The Weekly. I was inspired to do this post by a few bloggers who have done this as a way to connect to their readers on a weekly basis. I love connecting with all of you and this post was a joy to write. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. xo

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