Friday, August 01, 2014

Tea Dyed Paper Flower Nosegays

I have been wanting to make paper flowers for far too long. I finally started playing with the idea a month or so ago and have now been able to get an end result that I like. 

I used the idea from this post to dye my coffee filters with tea. The aroma was splendid in my living room as the tea steeped and as the filters soaked. I would do this again just for the smell alone. There are many different kinds of teas that have beautiful colours once steeped and I used tea from David's Tea to do the trick.

There were a couple of different flowers that I tried before picking this one for my creation. The way the flowers formed, even though a little different each time, gave me the body I was looking for.c

I turned them into nosegays - a pretty collection of paper flower nosegays. So cute. They even smell wonderful since I dyed them with tea instead of paint. 

Absolutely perfect for going on a walk or in a situation that is in need of a little extra perfume. I hope you enjoy your day. xo. 

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