Thursday, August 28, 2014

Taking Stock

Here is a little glimpse into our lives right now. xoxo. 

Making: lots of pretty things for Christmas. 
Cooking: up a lot of wonderful things with apples in it. 
Drinking: water and earl grey tea.
Reading: Voluntourism by Ken Budd - so good.
Wanting: it to be October already. I love October.
Looking: forward to starting swimming lessons with Bug.
Playing: with Bug, every day, all day - love. 
Wasting: time by sleeping in the mornings. I really want to be a morning person.
Sewing: plans are in the making for January. Cannot wait. 
Wishing: that my mom lived closer. 
Enjoying: moments of each day.
Waiting: for Bug's 4th tooth to come in! 
Liking: the fact that we get to go camping one more time before it gets too cold. 
Wondering: if I will ever get this house clean! 
Loving: my stretches in the morning. 
Hoping: that Bug will sleep well tonight.

Marvelling: at how fast she has been growing. Wasn't it just yesterday when...
Needing: more time in my day. Don't we all say that. So true. Not enough time.
Smelling: apples. We have a large bag of apples a friend gave us that is making this house smell so good. 
Wearing: my pjs as its now the end of a wonderful day. 
Following: Bug around the house as she learns how to crawl and even (yikes) stand without any help.
Noticing: that the leaves are falling down, yes!! (sorry summer people)
Knowing: that I am the only one holding me back. 
Thinking: about the future. 
Feeling: the happiest I have ever been.
Bookmarking: many, many articles on Pinterest: recipes, crafts, DIY's  you name it. 
Opening: my yarn bag tomorrow! gotta crochet like nobody's business. 
Giggling: with my little girl. She is such a happy baby. When she is not hangry (angry because she is hungry.)

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