Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our Bookshelf: Three Ways To Organize

I am so happy that we now, finally, have a bookshelf in our living room. Its amazing to me how buying just one piece of furniture helps make the entire space come to life. Instead of just slapping our books onto the shelves, like I normal would do, I took a couple hours and just played around with everything. Usually I find my bookshelf too boring, so I wanted to create three different ways to decorate our bookshelf that we would absolutely love and that would work for us. Now that we have a baby who likes to climb things, the shelves also had to be baby friendly. These are the ones that I really liked. 

1. Showing Off Them Jewels - The simplistic approach. Perfect for displaying favourite household treasures and favourite books. I have a lot of pretty figurines that usually end up in a box when we move. This approach allows me to use part of the bookshelf as a display case for them - something that I really like. The only downfall to this set up is that most of our books would still be on the floor, but since my treasures are out instead of a box - this is something to consider. 

2. Over the Rainbow - Arranging books by colour, a personal favourite. This allows the bookshelf to become an art piece, a statement, a conversation starter. I love this. The bottom shelves have baskets for some of Bug's toys for easy reaching. The only issue with this one is that most books within a series have different colour jackets, meaning they would be separated. For someone who usually has things in order by publish date, this is a problem.  

3. A-Z - Arranging titles in alphabetical order by author creates order and balance on the shelves. Great for showing off all your books and creating a library/book store feel. Note: I did not alphabetize the children's books - that would be way too complicated. The only thing about this one is that there isn't too much room for anything other than books - it is a bookshelf though, so maybe that's not the worse thing.
We chose to start the year off with A-Z. Get all of our books up on the shelves and arrange them in a way that its easy to find exactly what we are looking for. Even though I am already missing the rainbow way of decorating (it was far too pretty) I am thinking of arranging Bug's books this way so that I can get the best of both worlds.

What are your favourite ways to arrange your bookshelf?

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