Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Craft Supplies Haul - My Pretties

Last night I went shopping! Our little fam jam went on a family date night last night. We went out for a lovely supper, bummed into some wonderful friends, then went to a craft store where I may have went a little over my art budget. Oops. But I got some really great stuff and I wanted to share with you guys!!!
 Art Supplies:
- 3 Crochet Hoops
- Embroidery Thread - baby pink, pale blue, black & white.
- Grey Yarn
- Floral Scrapbook Paper
- Porcelain Paint
The umbrellas and doilies were already a part of my stash.

I am so excited to make pretties out of these wonderful supplies. So excited.
So, my crafty friends, what have you been up to? Do you love shopping for craft supplies as well?

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