Monday, August 04, 2014

A Secret Garden

This week I got to spend time in my Mother's Secret Garden. A place where faerie's live, raspberries grow, crickets hum, bats hover, stars twinkle, and where flowers bloom in between the bricks. A place to escape from the hard days of work, a place to hear coyotes howl, a place to have picnics, and a place to stay long after the sun goes down. It is a place full of laughter, full of memories, and full of the promise of new beginnings, new laughter, and new memories. It is my Mother's Secret Garden.

Many wouldn't find such a place this special. Many wouldn't even call it a secret garden, but to me - it is. I long for this place when I am in my home in the city. I yearn to enjoy the birds, feel the breeze, smell the sage, see the butterflies, hear the river, spot a bunny, run through the morning dew, and breathe in the clean air of nature. In this place. In my Mother's Secret Garden. 

Thanks to my mother who allowed me to share her garden with you, dear readers. I hope you enjoyed. xo

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