Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Where We've Been

A toast, to all the lovely places I have been with my Lovebug, in panoramic view. 

Sitting on a bench, I am pregnant in this photo. 

I am hiding in this photograph, feeding the lovebug.

She hardly sleeps in the carrier if she is front facing, way too many things to see.

The journey started with the lovebug growing in my belly. Now I get to carry her with me on my travels, show her the world, see things through her eyes, experience the worlds beauty with her. I love it. Traveling with a child can be hard work, but so very worth it. Having a daughter does not discourage me from going outside of my house, rather it encourages me. There is so much to see in this world, why stay cooped up simply because I now need to calculate how many diapers I need to bring with me? 

All photos were taken by my Husband except for the last four. xo. 

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