Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Spring Rolls

Absolutely yummy.

The first time I made spring rolls I didn't soak the rice papers long enough and they didn't fold properly. I got so frustrated and vowed to never make them again. ha. I only lasted about three weeks before I had to try and remake them. This time I experimented with soaking and I figured out what the rice paper felt like when I over-soaked it vs. under-soaked. The first time I made it I soaked a (very) clean towel with water and laid it over the paper. This did NOT work for me and I don't recommend it to anyone. If your recipe tells you to do this - ignore it. Ha. Instead I filled a baking sheet with water (which did not have to be boiled, I just used normal tap water) and I let the rice paper sit in the water for a minute. Don't be afraid to play around. Figure out what the difference is between soaking the rice paper for 30 seconds vs. 1 minute vs. 5 minutes.

I read so many different recipes online but did not end up finding one that I fell in love with all the way through. This recipe was a great one to start with.

These rolls were filled with lettuce, vermicelli noodles, carrots, cucumber, crab and sesame seeds. Last time I made the rolls I had shrimp instead of crab and, personally, I think I prefer the shrimp. I also used sweet & sour sauce for the last rolls which I loved, this time I made a sauce that was SO NOT good I am not even going to mention it. But thats okay, this is what cooking is all about. Experimenting and not being afraid to try new things, try things over again, perfecting until the expected end results occur. I just have learned to always have a bottle of sweet & sour sauce in my fridge... just in case.

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