Friday, June 20, 2014

Our Father's Day


We had a wonderful Father's Day out on my auntie's farm. It was such a great day. She had sent me a photograph earlier in the week (I put it on Instagram) as a teaser and I was so happy to finally get out to the farm. A family BBQ, wonderful conversations, two little baby cows, a dirt bike, some arm knitting, lilacs, and sunshine. Absolutely perfect. Even now I am already itching to get back out to the farm.

Little Lovebug gave her daddy some great gifts and even scribbled in his First Father's Day Card. Talk about cute. Of course her first goal was to eat the pen, but we did manage to get her "signature" on the card before I had to take it away. I am in love with these two. Her daddy is absolutely amazing. He takes the time to be there for her. All the time. He plays her music on his guitar, he reads her storybooks, he throws her up in the air, and he always gets a huge scrunched up smile when he comes home at the end of the day. So much love. They are pals and I already know that the two of them are going to be getting into mischief together when Lovebug is older. I might actually be the bad cop! ha. It is my goal to photograph the two of them holding hands every Father's Day. It would be such a neat thing to see all of the pictures side by side.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there, new or old. You mean so much to the littles. I hope they showed you some love on this special day. xo.

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