Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Alberta - Elk Island

Last Saturday we spent the day in the beautiful Elk Island National Park. It was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was a mixture of rain and shine which created some beautiful photographs. We did a couple of little hikes with the primary focus of finding geocaches! We found four in total, and I was so happy when I actually found one myself! Normally I have such bad luck in finding them. Lovebug was carried for the most part by her dad, she didn't want to be in her carrier for a long period of time, however, by the end, she fell asleep in the carrier, snuggled up close to her daddy. It was a wonderful day and I cannot wait to go back.  

Daddy and lovebug walking up ahead. 

 A frog! 

 Moody bridge from the rain. 

 A gross, but kind of neat looking bug. 

 Photo credit to my husband. He got so close to the butterfly! 

A neat perspective. 

Scooping up mud for his home! So sweet. 

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